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laxfille asked: Hey Tool! I tagged you in a post so answer the questions, don't be lame :D

Ok. How do i see what i’ve been tagged in?

Don’t let her go to sleep upset.

Because, she’ll only toss and turn in frustration, until sadness pulls her into sleep, and tears stain her pillow. You’ll be her first thought when she wakes up, and more than anything, she’ll wish she could go back to sleep, back to the silence, to the empty blackness. Don’t do this to her, she’s worth so much more, if she wasn’t, she wouldn’t care.

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Ron Louis Customs | Custom Quilted T’s 
Blair Charleston Chicago IL  IG: @wpblair 
Designer Ron Louis can be reached at:
Instagram: @Ron_louis
Submitted by:

Ebichi, 18, Dallas
Submitted by: Twitter: @prxnce
Instagram: theprxnce
You’ve got to show the world who you are before it tells you. Otherwise you become victim to someone you’re not.
― Chris Colfer (via psych-quotes)

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New York from Brooklyn. 

THIS is life from an outer borough aka me let it be known to the world
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